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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

At Honiton Chiropractic Clinic we have a team of Chiropractors and Sports Massage professionals that are able to treat back pain to help alleviate symptoms fast. With years of experience, our professional approach will guarantee the best treatment for your back pain.


What is back pain?


Back pain is most likely caused by joints, nerves, or muscles. It can start due to injury such as lifting or twisting or it can be an ongoing issue from something such as arthritis.

Our experts in East Devon at Honiton Chiropractic Clinic show a professional and caring approach to assessing your back pain and giving you the best possible individualised treatment care plan.


Types of back pain we treat include:


Pelvic joint pain

Low back pain

Mid back pain

Disc pain and Sciatica

Muscle tears


Your treatment with our team of Chiropractors and Sports Massage Therapists may include, chiropractic manipulation, massage, taping, dry needling and other gentle techniques. Our highly skilled professionals will assess you thoroughly and then discuss a treatment plan which is personalised to you. Chiropractic is a safe treatment for people with back pain that want pain relief.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve visited Austin several times mainly with lower back and hip joint issues which I had assumed was due to age related wear and tear, however following treatment and most importantly adhering to Austin’s instructions on self help exercises I’m virtually pain free. Austin and his team offer a fantastic professional service from start to finish. Thanks so much”


We have over 85 5* Google Reviews recommending our clinic.

Please check them out: Honiton Chiropractic Google Reviews


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