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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment

At Honiton Chiropractic Clinic we have a team of Chiropractors and Sports Massage professionals that can treat neck pain and help alleviate symptoms fast. With years of experience, our professional approach will guarantee the best treatment for your neck pain.


What is neck pain?

Neck pain can originate from joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments in the spine. At Honiton Chiropractic Clinic our experts specialise in treating neck pain.


Neck pain has a variety of symptoms:


Pain turning

Pain in the base of the skull

Pins and needles in the arms


Pain in the shoulders

Headaches from the base of the skull


At Honiton Chiropractic Clinic our professionals will help to alleviate your neck pain using a variety of treatment styles. They may use chiropractic manipulation, activator treatment, massage, taping and dry needling. These gentle techniques can help to treat neck pain fast.

Client Testimonials

“I had been having problems with my neck and have been having weekly treatment with Sasha at the clinic to remedy the issue. She was reassuring from the start and explained my condition and suggested a treatment plan, which we agreed.

I am now fully recovered and can highly recommend Honiton Chiropractic Clinic. All the staff, from reception to the chiropractors are warm and friendly and put you at ease from the start. Thank you”


We have over 85 5* Google Reviews recommending our clinic.

Please check them out: Honiton Chiropractic Google Reviews


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