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Back Massage

What Is Sports Massage


Soft Tissue Therapists assess and treat minor injuries, chronic conditions and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. The soft tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and other connective tissues.

We assess by checking muscle length, range of motion and strength of muscles. We then use massage and other techniques to improve the range of motion of the joints, which often reduces pain and improves movement. We can suggest and advise on rehabilitation exercises to do at home that improve function, reduce pain and gain strength. 

So whether you have an injured ankle from running, suffer with a repetitive strain injury, have chronic pain due to a condition or just have a niggly ache, then soft tissue therapy is for you.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques are manual therapy methods in which a therapist applies a counterforce to muscles. This can improve range of motion, reduce pain and improve musculoskeletal function.

Sports Taping

Taping can be used all over the body to improve blood flow, aid stability and reduce inflammation for a number of injuries and is often used by sports people.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Simple, home, therapeutic exercises can be designed specifically around you to aid in the effectiveness of chiropractic care and soft tissue therapy to speed up your recovery.

Soft Tissue Massage

There are many different types of massage depending on the condition being treated. These include soft tissue release, trigger point work, muscle energy techniques, positional release and a variety of muscle stretching techniques.


Stretching can be used to reduce muscle pain by lengthening tight muscles.

What Our Clients Say

Mrs Gardner 

After struggling with intense back pain I visited Austin. He provided a thorough examination and was able to simply and effectively explain my diagnosis. Following his excellent professional care over regular treatment sessions, and some easy at home exercises my back pain has diminished enormously!


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