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Shoulder Treatment

Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatment

At Honiton Chiropractic Clinic we have a team of Chiropractors and Sports Massage professionals that can treat joint pain and help alleviate symptoms fast. With years of experience, our professional approach will guarantee the best treatment for your joint pain.


Joint pain can be caused by ligaments, muscle tightness, injury, arthritis and joints not moving properly.


Common joints that we treat include:

Shoulder joints

Elbow joints

Wrist joints


Hip joints

Knee joints

Ankle and foot joints



Our caring and professional team can find out the source of your joint pain and then work with you to help alleviate joint pain fast. We will assess you and then discuss your best treatment options which may include a chiropractic approach and/or sports massage therapy.


Our clinic based in East Devon, Honiton Chiropractic Clinic has a team of professionals that will be able to aid in your recovery from joint pain.


After treatment we may recommend that you do some home exercises to help improve symptoms quicker and to benefit from the treatment we are offering you.

Client Testimonials

“Austin was recommended by a friend of mine, I had a problem with a very painful shoulder, that I happen to mention to her ,I also said to her that I had several visits to a sports therapy and rehabilitation centre with no improvement of movement or pain relief, I promptly made an appointment with Austin for treatment, after 3 appointments later, 90% of movement was back to normal, pain was also under control, I was recommended by Austin to have a massage from Marina on both shoulders, then a last visit with Austin a week later, this worked really well, now I am in good stead. I have just booked appointments with Austin and Marina in a few months time to check it’s still on the right track. Austin and Marina, 10 out of10.”


We have over 85 5* Google Reviews recommending our clinic.

Please check them out: Honiton Chiropractic Google Reviews


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